Following in the wake of tumultuous 2020, construction across the US is still slowly recovering. To make things worse, the new Covid variant may meant that even those gains that are made so far will be erased. In two thirds of all states, employment levels are lower than peak achieved before pandemic. Additionally, the issues that are supply and distribution chains are facing are further impeding the recovery. Another important factor is the uncertainty in housing market, coupled with inflation fears that make financing difficult.

Key Takeaways:

  • While many industries have recovered after the onset of the pandemic, construction is still lagging behind.
  • Some issues affecting the industry right now include the recent coronavirus variants and issues with supply.
  • Help from the federal government should help boost the industry and get it back to its pre-pandemic levels.

“Texas and Louisiana registered the worst job losses since February 2020, with Utah and Idaho adding the most.”

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