For any company, onboarding is a challenging process, and doing it the right way sets a new employee on the path of success and resolves many issues that would otherwise arise later. When the work is done remotely, in a situation where the actual office is physically distant from the jobsite, process of onboarding gets to be even more difficult. This is where automation can help, and an increasing number of companies resort to technological solutions to help them with onboarding.

Key Takeaways:

  • ASRC Construction uses Viewpoint’s HR Management solution for tasks such a onboarding and employee self-service.
  • Digitization makes it easy for employees to manage time-off requests, access training materials, and view pay stubs.
  • HR teams can spend less time dealing with paperwork and data input, and more time interacting with employees.

“One of our specialties is remote construction and as a company based in Alaska, we do remote construction like nobody else.”

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