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Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

How Couples Handle Taxes

When a couple gets married, they must make numerous decisions, some simple and not life-changing per se, and others extremely important. How to file when it comes to their taxes, is one of the extremely important ones. What are the options and what happens if one spouse mishandles the tax filing process?

Is Jointly the Best Way for Couples to File Taxes?

Typically, it is most advantageous for married couples to file jointly, because the government has created tax breaks for filing this way. So why would a married couple choose to file separately? There are instances where it makes sense. One example is if one spouse has extremely high medical expenses that they can claim. The IRS only allows you to deduct the amount of such costs when it exceeds 10% of your income. If filing jointly, the salaries of both spouses are combined, which may offset the ratio.

Not Sure how to File?

If you think filing separately, even though you are married, may be the best option for you, or if you are unsure, CPA Accounting and Tax Services can help you make the determination of which way is the best way to file for you and your family.

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Innocent Spouse Relief Options

As stated previously, it is typically most advantageous for married couples to file jointly, so most couples do. This means that they share in the benefits and in any potential liabilities. There are instances, however, in which one spouse may be able to apply to receive some “relief” from a shared tax burden. Innocent Spouse Relief is an option offered to an individual who filed taxes jointly with their spouse, but there are parameters. The errors or debt must be solely attributable to the spouse and you must prove (or at least provide plausible evidence) that at the time of filing, you were unaware of the omission or errors.

Tax Filing Errors

The IRS realizes that there are cases in which one spouse handles the family finances and is likely to file the tax return on his or her own. It’s not uncommon for one spouse to trust that the other will do so with integrity and honesty. Therefore, the IRS may grant relief to a person whose spouse made errors or omissions without the knowledge of the other spouse.

You May Qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief

If you believe you may qualify for this relief, call our offices at 407-382-6658 to schedule a consultation. We will ask you the relevant questions, knowing what the IRS will want to know in your case. We will assess the likeliness of your petition for Innocent Spouse Relief being granted, and we can help you gather evidence to help you prove your case.

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