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International Students

international student taxes

Pursuing Education in a Foreign Country?

Growing into adulthood brings numerous challenges, some are delightful and exciting, and some are daunting. One things is sure; this time of life requires careful consideration and planning. So many decisions have to be made in the teen years, one of which usually includes whether or not to attend college after graduation, and if so, which college to attend. For some, this decision process leads them to pursuing a college degree in a foreign country.

International Students Must File a Tax Return

The United States is the destination that attracts more international students than any other nation. Nearly one million people come to the U.S. from other countries to pursue a college degree, each year. The reasons they choose to study abroad vary. Some want to learn to speak English fluently. Others believe the education system here is better than that in their home country. Regardless of what brings them here, international students working in the U.S. need to be aware that they must complete tax returns in order to fulfill visa obligations.

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Staying in Compliance with the IRS and US Government

CPA Accounting and Tax Services is here to assist international students with filing their tax returns and making sure they stay in compliance with the IRS and U.S. government. If you are an international student studying here, we will first need to determine your residency status. The IRS uses particular terms to describe the residency status of foreign individuals here. Are you a Resident Alien, a Nonresident Alien, or a Dual Status Alien? The proper forms required for your status depend on your correct definition as classified by the U.S. government.

Filing Your Tax Forms the Right Way

We will complete the necessary forms with you, making sure you understand the language on the forms. IRS forms are written in language that can even be confusing for permanent U.S. residents. The IRS takes these matters very seriously. Failing to file is not an option. Tardiness or inaccuracies bring large fines and can result in your studies here being cut short. The good news is that you may be due a refund. Individuals who prepay too much tax, receive money back after filing tax returns. We will ensure that you receive your refund in a way that is convenient and timely for you.

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