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IRS Payment Plan

irs payment plan

Are you facing a large tax bill that you will not be able to pay at the time of filing your tax return?

Many Americans find themselves in this same situation every Spring. This is a very stressful situation to be in. For some, it causes such panic and stress, that they consider not filing their taxes, thinking it will buy them some time. This is a mistake! You should still file your tax return on time, even if you cannot pay the taxes you owe at the time.

What about filing for an extension?

The IRS will grant you six more months to file your tax return, but be aware that this has no effect on the taxes you owe! Many do not realize this. They mistakenly believe that filing an extension grants them more time to prepare their return and more time to pay their taxes. This is not true. If you request more time to file your tax return, you must estimate how much you think you will owe and pay that amount by the April deadline.

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Not Filing Your Taxes & Penalties

Simply choosing not to file and not paying in April will only bring additional fees and penalties. You have better options, such as making a partial payment. If you need to file an extension to give you more time to gather your tax information and submit your tax return, go ahead, but pay as much as you can at that time, even if it is not the full amount that you owe. It shows your willingness to pay and will also lower the amount of penalty fees you will be charged.

Filing Payment Extensions

Just as you can request more time to file, you may also request more time to pay – a payment extension. The payment extension is not automatically granted when someone files for a filing extension. Again, you should pay as much as you can, while requesting more time to pay. The IRS will typically give you 120 days to pay the tax liabilities in full. There is a penalty to do this, but it is much less than what would be tagged on if you simply do nothing. *If you wait and end up receiving a bill from the IRS, you will not be able to request the payment extension.

Decreasing Tax Penalties

Another option is to request a payment plan or installment agreement. This gives you more than 120 days to pay your debt in full. Again, submit your tax return on time, then immediately request a payment agreement. This option can give a taxpayer up to six extra years to pay their taxes. There is a setup fee, but it’s nominal compared to the large tax debts people in this position often owe. This option brings lower penalties than simply not paying at all.

CPA Accounting and Tax Services can help you choose the right path, while keeping you in good standing with the IRS.

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