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Cost Segregation – MACRS Applied Depreciation

Looking for Greater Profits?

• We specialize in helping our business clients reduce their income taxes by 50%… almost 100% of the time.

• We transform dollars normally paid in tax into personal and family wealth.

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What is Cost Segregation?

cost segregationCost segregation is the process of identifying and reclassifying commercial property components to shorter depreciation periods, thus reducing current tax obligations. A properly performed forensic cost segregation study along with this simple accounting change provides significant benefits and brings the taxpayer into full IRS compliance. Most property owners are already familiar with the accelerated depreciation on certain furniture, fixtures, and equipment. An applied cost segregation study simply expands upon this. In short, a cost segregation study puts more of your money back into your pocket.

Commercial Property

If you own commercial property and have not taken advantage of this powerful tax-saving tool, we can help. Our team of on-staff specially-trained engineers and strategic engineering partners can provide you with the required forensic study quickly and affordably, regardless of the size or value of your property. Cost segregation can be applied to any type of commercial property, including rental houses and leasehold improvements.

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