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Non-Filed Tax Returns

non-filed tax returns orlando, florida

Have You Missed Filing Your Taxes?

People who fail to file tax returns each year typically feel anxious and worried about an eventual reckoning- with good reason. The situation is a serious one. Most people recognize that, but many do not know just how serious. The fact is that it is a criminal offense to not file tax returns every year. The punishment for which can include fines and even jail time.

Failing to File Your Taxes

The people who fail to file their taxes are most often not nefarious criminals, but rather regular people who either forget or simply do not know how to file correctly. Others may skip filing because they know they owe a large amount and they do not feel that they can pay the debt owed at the time. As mentioned, most do not realize just how serious of an offense they are committing when they fail to file.

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The Good News

The good news is that CPA Accounting and Tax Services is knowledgeable and skilled in these scenarios and can help you. Whatever circumstances brought you here, we can help navigate the tenuous situation in which you find yourself.

It’s Best not to Wait to File Your Taxes

Not only will you be relieved to be brought into compliance with federal (and possibly state) laws, it is better to face the problem sooner rather than later. If you wait for the IRS to catch up with you, you will be completely at their mercy, and frankly, given the fact that you did not come to them to correct the issue, mercy is something they will not likely display. To be on the best possible footing, it is best for you to take care of the problem before they discover the error.

Don’t Wait to Act

Some in your position who wait for the IRS to confront them, end up in a far worse situation than if they had been proactive and filed of their own accord. The government can deny you deductions that you should be entitled to as a penalty. And speaking of penalties, there will be some, but they only hurt more when a taxing authority has to file a Substitute For Return for you, guessing the amount you owe. Expect the amount they come up with to be the highest possible legal amount.

We can Help You Get Back on Track

Why not let us apply our years of experience in these matters to your unique situation? It is a complex predicament that you are in, but we have the answers and strategy to free you from this burden.

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