Global pandemic has significantly disrupted air travel last year, and the effect is still felt around the world. Airlines and airports went into survival mode, but the signs of recovery are starting to show. In Pittsburgh, work of the new terminal commenced. This is the first American building project in the wake of pandemic that will create a brand-new terminal. Given the circumstances and new realities, in addition to new technology the building will incorporate technological solutions that focus on purified air.

Key Takeaways:

  • As it turns out. the Pittsburgh International Airport will be the first ground-up construction of an airport, post-pandemic.
  • The pandemic has most certainly placed a thumb on the project. The terminal will include clean air technology.
  • More interior space for social distancing has been included. Also, incorporated, is a large, 90,000 square feet, of terrace space, to ensure fresh air.

“During construction, a minimum of 75 percent of waste generated will be recycled or reused, including concrete from existing airfield ramps that will be reused for new roads.”

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