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Foreign Corporations and Partnerships

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foreign corporations and partnerships

The Complexity of Taxes

Most people find that as they grow older, filing tax returns becomes more and more complex. Getting married and having children can lead to tax breaks, but in order to claim these breaks, the changes must be reported to the IRS. How else will they know about and therefore give credit for, these events? This adds to the complexity of filing tax returns each year. Anyone with a business or who is self-employed has additional circumstances and financial information to report, thus complicating tax time even further.

Foreign Business Taxes

For individuals involved in a business located outside the U.S., taxes become even more interesting and potentially challenging. The U.S. government calls a business that was created or organized outside the country a foreign entity. Depending on the classification of business type of this foreign entity- partnership or corporation- how you account for business income will vary. Another factor is whether or not revenue is generated from the U.S. This pertains to companies originated elsewhere with locations in various nations and the U.S. All of these factors make filing tax returns and paying taxes more involved than the experience is for most Americans.

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International Tax Laws and Regulations

CPA Accounting and Tax Services has experience in international tax laws and regulations. If you have an interest in a foreign entity, why not call us and let us guide you through filing your tax returns? As with any tax return, there are specific forms that must be filled out and accompany your tax return. You don’t have to guess at which are the appropriate forms. We have all that information and want to handle that for you.

Get the Tax Breaks You Deserve

We can also identify and help you obtain appropriate tax breaks, deductions, and exemptions. We care about our clients and their businesses. We aim to be your partner in managing a successful partnership or corporation. Some of our clients have tried to manage their taxes on their own, but found relief and peace of mind by asking us to help. Making mistakes with these matters can lead to hefty fines and even criminal charges. We can help avoid problems and make sure your taxes are filed on time and correctly every year.

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