Construction in an industry that is highly competitive and this competition is limited not only between companies, but at an employee level. Successful construction companies need to hire the high-quality talent in order to preserve their advantage on the market. Yet, in this pursuit of talent, business owners often forget that focusing on your existing workforce is equally important. By identifying the high-potential employees, companies can invest in their professional development which will provide a good return to the employer and lead to an increased job satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • The construction industry is facing an issue with a labor shortage and matching candidates to jobs.
  • Many construction companies are taking a good look at their company culture to help attract more talent.
  • The main issue is retaining workers, so companies are offering better policies on leave, remote working, and more.

“The industry’s collective anxiety around talent has resulted in many construction companies looking inward in ways they never have, including how well their company culture reflects its values.”

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