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Orlando Tax Preparation Services

orlando tax preparationIt’s tax preparation season for individuals and businesses in Orlando and throughout the U.S. Did you know only about 1/3 of U.S. based tax filers actually hire a CPA, accountant or tax advisor to help them file their individual or corporate tax returns. This can often be a big financial mistake on the part of those that just want to do it on their own without the insight of a tax professional.

You might ask “why is this such a big mistake?” Simply put, because you or your business might be overpaying on your federal, state or city taxes. A true tax professional knows all the ins and outs of the ever-changing tax code and dedicates their life to understanding how to save their clients the most money on their taxes. Accounting and tax preparation really is a full-time job. So, if you are searching for professional tax preparation help, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips for how to find the best tax preparer or licensed CPA for you.

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    1. PTIN for the WIN! – The Internal Revenue Service requires tax preparers to have what is known as a PTIN number. The PTIN is the Preparer Tax Identification Number and must be renewed with the IRS annually. According to the IRS, a PTIN is required for anyone who prepares or assists in the filing of Federal tax returns for compensation. So the first step in identifying if someone is suitable for helping with your tax preparation, make sure they have a PTIN.


    1. Always Seek out a CPA for Tax Help because They Know Their Stuff – Now a PTIN, although important,  is pretty easy to get. In fact, it only takes about 15 minutes for a first-time applicants to get one online through the IRS website. So, the next step is to seek out someone who is credentialed or what’s known as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).To become a licensed CPA, one must have at least 24 college credit hours in taxation, auditing, and accounting education. In addition, they must have 30 credit hours in courses like business law, management or finance. Requirements can vary from state to state.CPA’s must also pass 2 exams (the CPA exam and the AICPA Ethics Exam) fulfill work experience requirements (A.K.A. pay their dues), and then finally, get licensed.


    1. Make Sure Your Tax Preparer Offers E-File – You should use a tax preparer that is required by the IRS to E-file. What is that? The IRS requires tax preparers that file more than 10 tax returns to do their filing electronically through the IRS filing system. So, if the person you are considering to file your taxes does not offer e-file, that’s a sign that they don’t have much experience filing taxes. Even worse. they more than likely are not keeping up on the current tax laws either. 

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    2. Check if They Will Represent You before the IRS – CPA’s with PTINs are able to represent you to the IRS if you happen to get audited by the IRS. Your CPA can also address IRS appeals, IRS collection issues and IRS payments on your behalf. To those that have found themselves in any of these situations with the IRS, a CPA is worth their weight in gold.


    1. Read Your Tax Preparers Reviews Online – Be sure to check into the reputation / online reviews of your tax preparer’s services on the web. Websites like Google and Facebook, will show a CPA’s review ratings and comments received from other clients and businesses. Take a few minutes to read these online reviews to help determine who is the right tax return preparer for you and your business or corporation.


    1. Use a CPA that is Easy to Access – Lastly, if you are in need of a CPA, we provide our tax preparation services to those who live in the Orlando area at our Orlando office, as well as virtually to those who live abroad (Expats), and to those that just want to access a CPA online for tax prep.We also serve those living in the Orlando area who are searching in Google for tax preparation services near me. We are easy to reach and easy to work with for everyone.


If you have any questions regarding tax preparation or on any of our CPA services, be sure to call us at our Orlando office at 407-382-6658.