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US Based Businesses with International Clients

US Based Businesses with International Clients

International Commerce & Business Growth

The world in which we live is no longer confined to the area you can walk or ride a horse to. Not all that long ago, businesses could only reliably expect that people within a certain distance would be potential customers. With the invention and expansion of the Internet, the world is open so anyone, anywhere could potentially be a customer or client. As wonderful as this is for most business models, it does complicate things when it comes to taxes.

Properly Reporting Income & Expenses to the IRS

Businesses in the U.S. that have clients overseas need to understand these tax implications and how to properly report income and expenses to the IRS. They need professional advice from advisors knowledgeable and up-to-date on international tax law. CPA Accounting and Tax Services is adept in these laws and knows the proper procedures needed. Our clients rely on us to ensure that they are compliant with the IRS. This allows them to focus on managing and growing their businesses, no matter where their clients live.

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Sales Tax & International Clients

Sales tax is one of the most confusing topics when it comes to international clients. Individual states and cities collect this type of tax, not the federal government. Most states expect to receive sales tax on anything sold by a company or person living there. There are some exceptions, but generally, expect to collect sales tax when selling to international clients. We at CPA Accounting and Tax Services can examine your specific situation to determine whether or not you must charge sales tax, when selling online and when selling internationally.

Partner with a CPA that Specializes in International Taxes

Our goal is to be a business partner with our clients. Our clients rely on our guidance not only at tax time, but all throughout the year. One of the most crucial times when our advice is sought is anytime an important decision is to be made. This could be when a business is looking for the best investments or considering expanding. Expanding into foreign markets is especially a decision that needs extra guidance, since, as you read above, there are specific tax considerations. Once you understand the pros and cons of doing business internationally, we can help you with guidance on operations. For example, there are specific ways to invoice clients that will allow you to save money on fees. This type of advice can help you save money throughout the year, which will make for a better tax situation at the end of the year.

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