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Business Tax Mistakes with Ryan Urban and Sonia Narvaez

This Podcast covers:

• Tax planning
• Deductions]
• Knowing your business, startup costs, amortization, travel
• State taxes
• Depreciation
• Mixing
• Digging Deeper
• Bottom line

Tax Tips for IRS Personal Taxes with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #1 covers:

• Taxable unemployment benefits
• Skipping your tax filing
• IRS installments & penalties
• IRS representation benefits and assistance
• Stimulus checks and child support
• Tips for claiming children of divorce on tax returns

Sorting Out Tax Deductions with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #2 covers:

• Establishing which parent can claim children on their federal taxes
• Paying back undeserved tax credits
• Sorting out more complicated living situations
• 2020 & 2021

The Cares Act & Claiming Dependents with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #3 covers:

• Claiming tax deductions as grandparents
• How to establish your right to a child tax deduction
• Passing the physical presence test for establishing your tax credit
• Out of the box options for claiming child related tax credits
• How to make the Cares Act work for you
• Paying back money you borrowed under the Cares Act

Pandemic Tax Tips with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #4 covers:

• Student loans and how they are impacted by the Pandemic
• The Cares Act, PPP and Employer benefits

Pandemic, Cares Act & COVID Business Tax Tips with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #5 covers:

• Benefits of the Cares Act for businesses
• Payroll Taxes during the pandemic
• COVID tax credits & establishing proof of care
• Tax deferments for businesses
• What to do if your business owes payroll taxes
• Negotiating a payment plan with the IRS
• What to do with IRS notices
• Employee Retention Credit benefits and qualifying for businesses
• PPP loans and debt forgiveness for businesses

COVID Pandemic Business Tax Tips with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #6 covers:

• Applying previous business losses under the Cares Act through amended returns

Business Property Tips Under the Cares Act with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #7 covers:

• Property rental benefits under the Cares Act
• PPP loans and business rent
• Property depreciation strategies
• Business property cost segregation
• Home based business deductions

Savvy Business Tax Tips with Sonia Narvaez

Episode #8 covers:

• Deducting car mileage on your taxes
• Miles vs. Actual expenses deductions for car expenses
• The Mile IQ App
• Getting qualified tax help
• Staying tax compliant
• Categorizing business deductions and not missing write-offs