When making a copy, ensure that the testing is worthwhile and that the test itself provides important insight. Use the words that are powerful and appeal to the emotions. This is the most efficient way to assess the appeal of the message and the reasoning behind it. Ability to convert is one of the most important characteristics of the ad. Such ads start with the funnel that is being narrowed, until the user reaches the conversion step. Neglecting the headline and its importance is a frequent mistake.

Key Takeaways:

  • The conversion process is not completely linear, as awareness and consideration searches happen throughout the funnel.
  • When search intent is ambiguous, run an ad copy test to see what obtains the most clicks and conversions.
  • Write effective headlines, avoid keyword stuffing, and keep landing pages consistent with ads.

““Google, Microsoft, and other search engines have reversed engineered their search algorithms over time (and re-engineered them) to make sure that they are giving someone the best answer to their ‘question’ as humanly possible,” started Altman.”

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