Like many other companies, Boldt faced a tremendous number of challenges on their project once the pandemic struck. They were in the middle of the construction of a Sacramento school, and through clever solutions and alternatives managed to save several million dollars. Some of the big challenges had to do with supplies and pandemic effect on the distribution chain. Additionally, the workforce was also impacted and communication on the site wasn’t quite optimal in the early months. Changing the design without reducing the quality enable the firm to circumvent some of the problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a cement shortage in Northern California which caused a delay on the concrete installation for the project.
  • There also was delays to manufacturing which affects the windows, roofing and flooring of the project.
  • The project was built under California’s lease/leaseback statue that says a school district can lease property it owns to a developer as long as the developer builds a school facility on the property.

“The pandemic caused major disruptions to the supply chain for building materials and halted typical communication on the jobsite.”

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