Mandating Covid vaccines is an issue that many employers and employees face. This question that the mandate raises causes tension and uncertainty for all stakeholders involved. In construction industry, the requirement is often forced by the customers, who feel safer having workers that are vaccinated work on their property. The rate of hesitancy in this industry is still high, but the trend of vaccination rate is creeping up albeit at a slow pace. For companies facing this issue, vaccinations at low level may mean financial crisis and bankruptcy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vaccine hesitancy is high in the construction industry, but some clients are mandating vaccines.
  • Vaccine issues may serve to exacerbate the labor shortages suffered by the industry.
  • With many subcontractors entering job sites, it is difficult to track who has been vaccinated.

“Other construction pros who thought they would be plowing ahead on projects unfettered by the virus are now having to step back and re-institute many of the same protocols they relaxed earlier this year.”

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