One of the biggest keys to achieving your goals is having confidence. When the calendar changes and we get into the New Year, most people set goals and resolutions. This is a time where optimism is at it’s highest and we all seem confident in ourselves and are willing to make necessary changes. However, as we age we start to doubt our abilities and make excuses for ourselves. When we lose our confidence we start to fail when it comes to our goals and dreams.

Key Takeaways:

  • When the calendar turns and the New Year begins, it is a time where you should be setting new goals and taking new chances.
  • When we were children the amount of optimism and lack of fear of doing the unthinkable was at the highest level possible.
  • As we age we start to doubt our abilities and our faith in ourselves lowers as well. We lack confidence.

“We stop believing in change, we lose trust in our abilities, our faith diminishes.”

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