Lighting the commercial buildings and spaces seem fairly simple and straightforward, yet there’s many factors you should consider when hiring professionals specializing in this kind of work. Unlike residential and private homes, lights in a commercial space may be quite different depending on the space use, even within the same building. Accent and decorative sources of light can also be installed, and placement of these lights can be important for anyone using the space. Because of these complexities, it is not advisable to work with inexperienced technicians.

Key Takeaways:

  • General lighting will be the main source of lighting for each room throughout a building.
  • Accent lighting is not just functional, it is also decorative, providing character to a space.
  • Task lighting in a commercial building can serve production, sales, warehousing or some other purpose.

“When it comes to a cost-effective way of lighting a large commercial facility, a focus should be placed on general lighting throughout the building.”

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