Constant improvement and development of oneself should be our constant goal. It is hard to argue that this is not one of the fundamental requirements for a success in our life. This is a personal journey, and we all take it in a different way. Setting your primary goals is not an easy task. Yet, even more difficult than that is recognizing your ability and acknowledging the success. When we look at people who claim that they have not been quite successful as they expected, we find that they keep moving their goals further away from their reach.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of Og Mandino’s books is structured like a university course, with each chapter representing a semester.
  • Humans are so goal-oriented that they don’t often take the time to celebrate their successes.
  • Self-esteem and success are linked, with the former coming before the latter.

“One of the things that draws me to Mandino’s work is that he doesn’t write like other self-help authors.”

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