Protective personal equipment like hard hats and shoes with toes made of steel have long been around the construction sites and factory plants. Yet, even with this tenure, there are still some misconceptions surrounding it. For example, some people erroneously believe that these shoes can contribute to conditions that would make you be a target for electrical shock and electrocution. The simplest answer to this is that there’s no physical explanation for what would that be the case. Steel is safely enclosed in a material that serves as an isolator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steel toe shoes are footwear that has a metallic cap in the toe area which provides protection from falling objects.
  • Metal is a great conductor of electricity so people are afraid that steel toe shoes could allow a free flow of electric current and could electrocute the person.
  • Steel toe shoes aren’t hazardous as long as the metal portion of the shoe isn’t exposed or in contact with the laborer.

“But most people fear that this savior too might flip out like Superman in Justice League, and would end up getting you electrocuted.”

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