Facebook has come up with an update that will allow users to share reels from third party apps to their platform now. You can share videos and also customize them by using editing tools that allows you to attach stickers and captions. Reels is currently Facebook’s quickest growing content and is available for users all around the world. You can find new Reels in the Watch Tab as well as in stories. Reels will also feature augmented reality, hashtags and the ability to tag others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since sharing has been enabled, it is very easy to share short from videos like Tik Tok onto your Facebook page.
  • Reels is the fastest growing content on Facebook right now and is available all across the world.
  • The reels feature will allow for you to tag other accounts, use augmented reality as well as hashtags.

“You can share your videos, then customize with editing tools such as audio, text, effects, captions, and stickers.”

Read more: https://9to5mac.com/2022/04/05/facebook-reels/