There are many work boots that do a good job of protecting our feet, but only a few have passed the test of time and have durability that is legendary. Those boots that fit such criteria have a status of elite shoes among construction professionals and withstand heavy use under adverse conditions. They are all made of leather, typically of grain that is large, and have many common features, but they also have unique characteristics that make the user prefer one over the other.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wolverine and Buccaneer are both traditionally, classic American-made boots of high quality.
  • Both are made with an eye to durability and from high-grade leather. That said, Raider does have more options for buyers to pick from.
  • Although both boot brands feature the use of full grain leather, Buccaneer boots are consistently a bit softer to the touch.

“Due to such a soft and comfortable construction, the boot requires a shorter time to break it in, compared to a Raider pair.”

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