In construction industry, there’s almost a religious devotion to certain types of shoes. Some people stay loyal to the brand for decades and there isn’t much that can change their mind. Typically, these shoes are made of real leather, which makes them very durable even under the most adverse conditions. Raider shoes offer a variety of styles, but that is not necessarily an important factor for some people. Buccaneer shoes provide equally good fit and comfort that will last throughout the workday.

Key Takeaways:

  • Both boots are 100% leather, but Buccaneer is a bit softer and Raider more rugged.
  • Raider offers models with higher shafts and has three color options, brown, tan and black.
  • Both are priced in the around $130-150 range, and both are American-made.

“In terms of styles, the Raider series has more models for users to consider.”

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