Twitter has tested out a new process for reporting harmful content and their approach is to refocus on what users have experienced rather than what rules have been broken. When it comes to rules and regulations, Twitter has to enforce their own rules. The problem with those rules is that so many things fall into the gray area. Finally, this testing started with a small group of Twitter users in the United States and is expected to roll out to a larger audience in 2022.

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter is testing an overhaul of its process for reporting harmful tweets.
  • The new policy has been compared to a doctor asking an emergency room patient where the pain is.
  • Even when a tweet doesn’t violate the rules, the information from the reporting could still be used to improve user experiences.

“Twitter’s new “symptoms-first” approach asks them what they felt was wrong with a tweet, relieving them of the burden of interpreting Twitter’s rules.”

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