SUCCESS is a magazine company that was founded in 1897 over 125 years ago. Back then it was founded by Orison Sweet Marden in a small bedroom in Boston. After moving to an office, the companies popularity grew increasing the staff to over 200 people within the first 10 years. The publication was held by Marden until 1912 with The National Post Company purchased them. It went through many changes included publication times and even had various name changes.

Key Takeaways:

  • In 1987 SUCCESS Magazine was created and it still around today after over 125 years.
  • The magazine had progressive ideals like have a woman writer back in the early 1920s
  • The magazine company has become much more diversified in the last couple years.

“The magazine’s popularity grew exponentially, building a readership of about half a million and a staff of 200 employees within 10 years.”

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