Steve Jobs was known a a tough taskmaster, but he also could be very encouraging. Is encouragement beneficial? A 2018 study from Drexel University concluded that “facile encouragement” isn’t useful. The problem with simply telling someone that they can do something is, what happens when they meet the first roadblock? One possibility is that they quit. Instead, it is better to acknowledge that the work ahead of them may be challenging, but they can do it. This way, they won’t discouraged when things get tough.

Key Takeaways:

  • A 2018 study found that clearly describing the challenges involved in meeting a goal doesn’t demotivate people.
  • If you underestimate the difficulties involved, people may become discouraged at the first road block.
  • It’s good to be encouraging, but you have to be realistic too.

“The next time you encourage someone to do something difficult, don’t sugar-coat the effort involved.”

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