The New American Home for 2022 is actually smaller in terms of square footage than the previous homes that have been given that title. However, that doesn’t mean that the home isn’t luxurious or innovative. It also was delayed construction wise until late May of 2021 but was completed in half the time it typically would take for a project of this size. The home features over 4,600 feet of living space and many flexible spaces as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • This current home is actually smaller than the previous New American Homes in terms of square foots.
  • The new home still has a bunch of luxury and innovation as well as a artistic and efficient design.
  • The construction was pushed back until May of 2021 and the project was actually completed in half the expected time.

“The 2022 home has ??4,646 square feet of living space, multiple flex spaces, indoor-outdoor design, and is expected to achieve net-zero status and Emerald-level National Green Building Standard certification, according to NAHBNow.”

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