Global pandemic hit every sector of the economy hard. Travel industry suffered a lot and it is not surprising to learn that most construction projects were put on hold. As the travel restrictions ease, the industry is poised for a rebound. The first project post lockdown that will create a completely new terminal has commenced in Pittsburgh. The terminal puts a lot of focus on waste reduction and sustainability, with over 75% of generated trash slated for recycling and repurposing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Pittsburgh International Airport recently completed the construction of a new sustainable terminal.
  • Economic experts believe the new terminal will generate almost 15,000 jobs and generate over $2-billion in revenue.
  • The new terminal is the first new terminal construction in the USA since the coronavirus pandemic began.

“The multi-modal complex includes a new 3300-space parking garage, rental car facilities, and entrance roadways, all designed to improve the passenger experience.”

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