In the wake of the recent building disaster in Florida, a group of building and construction professionals from the state published a report with comprehensive list of recommendations for the industry. The goal is to establish standards for inspections and certifications applied at the state level. The group recommends re-certifications and renewal inspections to start as early as 20 years after the construction. They also think that, for constructions in proximity to saltwater, the process needs to be on a seven year rotation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Due to the Champlain Towers collapse over the summer, a Florida organization called the Surfside Working Group is looking to create a structural recertification process.
  • These structural inspections are to take place after a building is two decades old, and every seven years after that.
  • The details of the inspection may include, but are not limited to, non-destructive testing, destructive testing, and geotechnical design.

“At minimum, the inspector should look at garages, pool decks, roof parapets, common areas, unconditioned spaces, accessible exterior areas of the structure—including at least one third of the balconies—and handrails.”

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