Pinterest was always a digital platform in the shadow of the giants in this realm, but it has its own audience and it continues to grow. Although the platform has been associated with visual elements of inspiration presented through pins, they are introducing a significantly different experience for their users. From now on, there will be video content available to be watched and there will be an opportunity to embed links that are directly clickable by the users.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pinterest videos are around 30 minutes long, more like television shows or longer YouTube tutorials.
  • The shoppable element allows creators to tag items in their videos and viewers to click on the items for more information.
  • Pinterest has 400 million monthly users and its growth is being driven by Gen-Z and millennials.

“Pinterest has launched an initial pilot phase for the new platform, so there are already a bunch of creators synonymous with creativity and being Very Online Individuals who have released videos.”

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