In 2012, I got my dream job at Google, but it turned out to be difficult. I worked 14-hour days in between a long commute. A break due to unplanned surgery put me behind in my work and forced me to work even longer hours. The stress built up and I was diagnosed with anxiety. I began seeing a therapist. I also noticed that others at work were stressed. After 18 months, I resigned from my job. I feared my career was ruined, but it was the right decision. What I learned is that you need to spend time on personal well-being, whether it be through meditation, exercise, rest or something else. I also learned to talk openly with co-workers about mental health issues in order to reduce any stigma and shame.

Key Takeaways:

  • After 18 months of long work days, panic attacks, and therapy, I handed in my resignation.
  • I learned to block off time for myself, whether to exercise, meditate, rest, or do something else.
  • At work, we should be transparent about mental health difficulties to remove any shame and stigma.

“I went from being a broke student in London to enjoying free lunches and massages in Silicon Valley.”

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