It seems that everyone has some kind of advice on the best way to receive an upgrade on your next flight. The days of scoring such a perk just by being neatly dressed are long gone and now the ways have changed. Of course, the easiest way is through the status obtained by flying frequently on the same airline. Occasionally, and depending on the program, you may be upgraded when traveling with a person with premier status. More creative ways include giving up your seat on the flight you booked, in order to get perks on your rebooked itinerary.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most reliable way to get free upgrades is to have elite status or fly with someone who does.
  • When airlines oversell flights, they may offer upgrades to those who volunteer to take a later flight.
  • Look for an affordable upgrades close to departure time, then pay for it with the right credit card.

“Luck will only get you partway there; instead, keep these tactics in mind, which can improve the likelihood of your ticket changing to a more premium class.”

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