As COVID-19 appears to be under control, organizations are trying to navigate hybrid work environments. Surveys show most employees don’t want to return to a five-day commute. Google, a long-time opponent of working from home, is now asking its workers to return for only three days a week. Research conducted both before and during the pandemic shows that remote working boosts productivity. There are also concerns about office stresses such as noise and winter commutes. People are increasingly unwilling to spend their lives as cogs in business machine. Ultimately, however, there is no one size fits all solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Surveys show that most employees and an increasing number of employers do not want to return to five days of commuting to work.
  • Research shows that working remotely from home actually increases productivity.
  • Working in an office can increase stress due to things like office noise and commute time.

“Yes, there is some push for a “return to normal” and getting workers back into offices.”

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