Due to increased costs, restaurant owners are being forced to increase their prices, which is affecting business lunch eaters. Lunchflation is a newly coined term that refers to the increase in food prices at lunchtime. With labor and ingredients becoming more expensive, in order to compensate for the cost difference, owners have had to increase their prices charged to consumers. One solution to lunchflation would be for restaurants to use QR codes to offer online or self-serve ordering. By being more efficient, restaurants can pass their savings onto customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prices for burgers and salads have increased 9%, while tacos have gone up 19%.
  • Costs for labor and meal ingredients are rising and restaurant owners have to pass on these costs.
  • There are operational efficiencies such as online or self-serve ordering that can help offset lunch inflation.

“Square’s researchers analyzed the sales data of popular lunchtime meals across the United States to understand how much consumers can expect to pay post-pandemic.”

Read more: https://smallbiztrends.com/2022/06/cost-increases-causing-lunchflation.html