When homeowners have plumbing work done, there are several common mistakes they make. The first is to assume that a repair is going to be an easy fix. Another mistake is to ignore issues, thinking they may go away on their own. Flushing odd items down the toilet can cause problems, as can using drain cleaners excessively (they can corrode pipes). When trying to fix a problem themselves, some people make the mistake of picking the wrong tools or using cheap materials. Other DIY mistakes include over-tightening fixtures and forcing open stuck valves. Finally, it’s a mistake to overlook building codes related to plumbing.

Key Takeaways:

  • People create their own problems when they handle plumbing challenges on their own in their homes.
  • Using the wrong tools and employing the incorrect products lead to extra problems with plumbing.
  • Using force on plumbing fixtures instead of hiring professional help to do things correctly is a common mistake.

“When people fail to plan for plumbing repair work they usually make mistakes that cause further damage down the road.”

Read more: https://www.ccr-mag.com/common-mistakes-to-avoid-with-home-plumbing/