Steel toe shoes and boots are different from ordinary footwear in that they contain a toe cap that is metallic. These toe caps, which can be made of metal (including steel and aluminum) or hard plastics (such as TPU) and are necessary pieces of safety equipment. They have, however, been of concern for some people due to the false idea that the metal can allow for electrocution. Fortunately, this is only a misconception, as the metal is always completely shrouded by electrical insulators which will prevent electrical current from ever reaching the wearer’s body. Electrical Hazard (EH) shoes contain no electrical conductors at all. Workers should still take care to avoid electrical hazards in work environments in general, though.

Key Takeaways:

  • Is it possible to be electrocuted in steel toe shoes?
  • Steel toe shoes are constructed with insulated layers of non-conductors, meaning that the electric current cannot come in contact with the metal toe.
  • Steel toe shoes offer protection from heavy objects, chemicals, skidding, and shocks.

“The presence of the metallic reinforcement is what really brews up worry in consumers.”

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