Despite what others may tell you, your privacy does have a price. At the same token, don’t listen to complaints coming from large technology businesses who claim they incurred losses due to changes in policies centered around privacy that were enacted by Apple. They still brought in billions and made hefty profits. The complaints are rather ironic, given the fact that privacy and concerns about data protection are at the forefront of any debate in this industry. Rest assured, this storm will pass too, and profits will continue to rise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The companies Facebook, Snap, Alphabet, and Twitter reported a $10 billion loss in advertising money due to Apple.
  • Apple introduced an alteration to its policy that affected the ability of applications to track its users.
  • The aforementioned companies will likely be able to compensate for the relatively small loss.

“In the grand scheme of these multibillion-dollar companies, the impact of Apple’s privacy-protecting features is small but not insignificant”

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