Apple has launched support for keys in the Apple Wallet feature and there are six Hyatt hotels that are accessible. The process of adding a key to your wallet is very much the same as adding a cinema ticket or a Disney pass to the hotel app. You also can add your key right when you book your reservation. Finally, your room number will be seen on your digital key card and it also can be updated digitally as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple users will now be able to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as their room key in some Hyatt hotels.
  • The initial rollout is at six hotels in Maui, Key West, Chicago, Dallas, Fremont and Long Beach.
  • After adding the room key to the Wallet app, the iPhone or Apple Watch Phone can be held up to the door lock.

“As you might expect, the Apple Wallet-based system is designed with privacy in mind.”

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