There are quite a few signs that you may be headed for burnout. When you begin to have negative expectations and start losing confidence in your ability it points to you burning out and not feeling comfortable with your role. Another sign of burnout is simply feeling as if you aren’t appreciated by your workplace and your co-workers. This can lead to anger and resentment. Finally, detaching yourself from work can lead to you losing your drive to do a good job and shows you’re burning out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Due to the pandemic, workplace burnout has been increasing over time with 50-70% of people in a survey pointing towards some burnout.
  • Negative expectations can help you lose confidence which has a direct affect on your ability to do your job.
  • When you feel under appreciated by your workplace and the people you work with you might start feeling like you’re not important.

“Negative expectations can also include cynicism, withdrawing, and blaming others for everything that’s going on around you.”

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