There are many ways that shared iPhone notes can improve your life. The Notes app has been updated by Apple and it now allows you to like and dislike certain notes about your friends and family. This can play a major role in knowing what to get someone for a Christmas gift for example. The shared notes will also allow you to stay organized when it comes to to-do lists and to-watch lists. Finally, shared notes can help you plan a vacation and keep an itinerary.

Key Takeaways:

  • iPhone note sharing will allow you to plan a vacation much easier as it will allow you to organize your activities.
  • Shared iPhone notes will also make to do and to watch lists much easier to keep track of due to the list function.
  • You can now like and dislike certain information in the Notes app which can help for certain things like gift giving.

“Over the years, Apple’s Notes app has gotten upgrade after upgrade with each iOS drop.”

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