Videos of animals purportedly showing them able to actually talk are all the rage right now and are going viral. Beyond this fad that is taking over digital platforms, there are questions about animal behavior that make researchers reevaluate some of the accepted norms. There is a research study commencing that will explore some of these behaviors by collecting data about our pets. The analysis should show whether the hypothesis that these animals can truly comprehend the meaning of the words is statistically significant.

Key Takeaways:

  • FluentPet’s HexTiles allow dogs to communicate by pressing buttons with their paws.
  • There are several dogs and at least one cat on TikTok and other platforms whose videos have gone viral.
  • Skeptics contend that the videos are cherry-picked and the dogs don’t understand semantics.

“Pierce and Lexi have a super cute and entertaining TikTok account with just less than half a million followers.”

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