Productivity, as many of us understand it, usually means finishing work projects. But what exactly entails a work project? One mom realized that her concept of what a work project entailed required stretching, given that her attention was naturally divided between childcare and work assignments. She quickly realized she needed to focus on microtasks. This was a personally coined term she devised to describe the bite-sized tasks she could realistically aim to accomplish with one ear always poised to catch the wail of a waking or needy child. This enhanced understanding of the possible scope of productivity was destined to serve her in good stead. In the Spring of 2020, when much of the world was under quarantine, businesses were retooling their views on productivity and the need for remote work. Meanwhile, she was prepared. Along with many other researchers from Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub, she helped to establish a picture of what remote work looked like and where it could go. The project, which involved surveying hundreds of workers, was called the “New Future of Work.” Surveying showed that remote workers were not necessarily working less. Surprisingly, longer hours did not always, or necessarily, equal more, or better output. The biggest lack as felt by the workers seemed to be in the area of collaboration. The researchers surmised that overtime, and with better technology and more experience, the new hybrid style of work would eventually include a better way to bring more minds into the remote worker milieu. More collaboration almost invariably means more innovation, which is always a plus. ..

Key Takeaways:

  • Researches are using two types of data for the new productivity definition.
  • The well being and burn out are two things to look at when reviewing productivity.
  • Innovation and collaboration are another two key points to considering when defining productivity.

“The boundary between work and home has never been a clear line. Even when I’m in the office, for example, I’m on call if any of my four kids needs me”

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