The CES Technology conference, scheduled for 2022, showed recently in Las Vegas to an intrigued crowd that got to see the future of sustainable agriculture, brought to them by the iconic brand John Deere. What’s new for the John Deere lineup? Something pretty big. The company has launched a totally autonomous tractor with tons of bells and whistles. For example, the tractor is equipped with six cameras. These are designed to give the non-driver-equipped vehicle a 360-degree visibility to avoid obstacles. There’s more. The system comes standard with a deep neural network with pixels. These can enable the tractor to ascertain when the vehicle is stopped and when it moves forward, for added safety. The farmer can use a mobile app to track the progress of the vehicle. The app has metrics, data and a live feed. At any point he or she can intervene and adjust depth, speed and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • CES 2022 launched in Vegas recently and among the unveilings was a bid for agricultural sustainability created by John Deere.
  • The fully autonomous tractor has six pairs of stereo cameras, made to ensure 360 degrees of obstacle avoidance.
  • The tractor comes standard with a deep neural network. This network is enabled to classify pixels and know if the vehicle moves or goes forward.

“John Deere revealed their upgraded fully autonomous tractor that’s equipped with stereo cameras, GPS and advanced technologies.”

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