Most people are struggling with a lack of focus nowadays and a lot of it is due to outside factors. One of the big issues that come with a lack of focus is simply the rise of technology. People can spend hours scrolling through their phone on social media. Try to cut your screen time down to 30 minutes a day. Another issue is simply our diet as there are some foods that can cause us to experience brain fog as well as energy crashes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone is struggling with the ability to focus now due to lack of free time as well as the rise of technology.
  • You shouldn’t be spending too much time on your phone as that will prevent you from getting things done.
  • The American diet also plays a role in our lack of focus as the food is poor so we are left with energy crashes and brain fog.

“In short, deep focus is something you can really do only when you have achieved safety.”

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