Alphabet is a company that is developing a self driving car developer named Waymo. One of the issues that Intel is experiencing when it took Mobileye public is that many people aren’t interested in investing in Intel in general. This stems from issues that have happened with their CPU chips. When it comes to Alphabet, the lesson is simply to make sure that you keep your products value as high as possible and also come through with a quality product and service.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intel is going to take Mobileye public and it lets investors buy into the technology side of self driving cars.
  • Many people want to avoid owning Intel directly due to the issues that it has had with it’s chips in the past.
  • Waymo is expected to be a stand alone company that is basically the product child of Alphabet.

“Plenty of people surely have little interest in owning Intel directly, given the troubles it’s had in chips.”

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