A survey has shown that 36% of small businesses are currently accepting Crypto payments. Crypto payments are essentially digital payments that can be sent to a wallet. A wallet can accept many different forms including Bitcoin which is the most popular asset. There are many different advantages that come with cryptocurrency including faster payments and lower processing fees. The negative that comes with it is that the market is very volatile and can change in mere minutes.

Key Takeaways:

  • As of January 2020, there was a survey that showed 36% of small businesses are currently accepting cryptocurrency payments.
  • In order to accept a crypto payment you will need to set up a wallet that can hold different types of currencies.
  • The most popular currency is Bitcoin but there are others that are frequently used like Ehtereum and Litecoin.

“As more people continue to warm up to crypto, a good number of small businesses are way ahead of the news, positioning themselves to serve the increasing number of crypto-paying customers.”

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