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Pay for Accounting Services

Service Description

Pay Online

1. 1099 Set Up and Processing for Non Bookkeeping Clients
2. 1099 Set Up and Processing for Bookkeeping Clients
3. 1099 for Bookkeeping Client
4. 1099 Preparation for Non Bookkeeping
5. Application for an S Corporation Bookkeeping Client
6. Application for an S Corporation Non Bookkeeping Client
7. Applications SS4, 2553, Sales Tax & Other Misc.
8. Audit Representation for IRS Audit
9. Audit of Workers Compensation
10. Hourly Rate for CPA Consulting
11. Copies for Corporate Tax Return
12. Per Copy Cost of Copies for W2’s, 1099’s & Other Misc.
13. Copies for Personal Tax Return
14. Deposit Toward Corporate Tax Return
15. Deposit Toward Personal Tax Return
16. Deposit for Consultation Services
17. Extension for Corporate Tax Returns
18. Extension for Personal Tax Returns
19. Fee to Incorporate a Business
20. Letter Preparation
21. Notary Services
22. Non Sufficient Fund Fee
23. Quarterly Preparation of 940,941& UCT 6 7 Other Misc.
24. Renewal of Corporation with State
25. Monthly Rental per Agreement
26. Set Up of the Accounting System
27. Shipping & Handling
28. W2 Preparation for Non Monthly Clients
29. Preparation of W2’s for Preferred Clients
30. W2 Set Up for Bookkeeping clients
31. W2 Set Up of Non Bookkeeping Clients