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Tax Preparation

orlando tax preparation At CPA Accounting and Tax Services, we offer a full suite of accounting and tax services, including tax preparation. Tax preparation is something nearly every person faces every year. While it is not necessary to hire a CPA firm to prepare a tax return, there are many reasons why our clients find that it is preferred.

Spending Too Much Time Preparing Your Taxes?

According to several widely-published studies, Americans spend anywhere between eight and seventeen hours preparing to file their tax forms each year. If you have ever prepared your own taxes or helped someone with theirs, this will come as no surprise to you. But for those who have not, here are some examples of how the hours add up. Some of the most common ways the hours are spent is researching how to fill out forms, what information is required to be reported, what, if any, deductions can be taken, and much more. Individuals who own businesses and/or those who have received an inheritance, can expect their tax preparation time to increase quickly.

Tax Preparation Can Be A Very Stressful Time

It is well known that tax preparation can cause anxiety and is one of the most dreaded yearly events in many people’s lives. Much of the dread is caused by the unknown and the confusion that most people have about how to prepare their taxes. As we mentioned earlier, it can also be time-consuming, and for many, it is also very costly. All of these reasons cause some to put off the issue until the last minute. If you have never worked with a CPA or have never experienced tax preparation at all, we can help ease your worries.

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It Takes An Expert to Prepare Tax Returns

The Internal Revenue Code (also known as the tax code,) consists of nearly 700 parts and nearly 70,000 pages! Very few people find this sort of reading interesting, and most do not have the time. Why not trust our Certified Public Accountants and Tax Professionals who spend every business day with tax laws, codes, and forms and know the answers to these questions already? Working with us speeds up the time it takes to complete tax preparation. In addition to understanding what must be reported, our team, led by Sonia Narvaez CPA PA, knows the ins and outs of tax-deductible purchases and expenses and various tax breaks available for specific situations. It’s quite common for clients to be unaware that they even qualify for some of these allowances. Our knowledge and experience saves clients hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each year.

Why Hire a CPA to Prepare Your Tax Forms?

One of the other major reasons people opt to hire a CPA or tax professional to prepare their tax forms, is that doing so provides a level of support and protection in the event they are audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Typically, your Certified Public Accountant can handle all communications and form filings on your behalf. This peace of mind is reason alone to use a CPA firm for tax preparation.

Why Hire Us?

So what is involved? How does one get started? If you decide to hire CPA Accounting and Tax Services to prepare and file your taxes, we’ll start with a few simple questions regarding all the pertinent information that needs to be gathered about the client – how many members are in their household, typical income and expenditures, and if they’re a stakeholder in any businesses. This begins what we hope will be and usually turns out to be, a long-term relationship, which we think of as a partnership. Based on your answers, we will determine which forms need to be submitted to the IRS. Arriving at the numbers to record on specific form lines takes some calculation and we have tip sheets and formulas that we will work with you to complete. Our tax preparation process involves numerous checks to ensure that your documents are accurate and meet all local, state, and federal (and international if applicable,) requirements. With a deep understanding of a client’s financial situation, we are able to guide and advise them on a wide range of accounting and tax matters. Once this understanding and relationship is established, next year’s tax preparation and filing, will proceed faster and even more smoothly.

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Prepare and File Your Taxes the Right Way

We have successfully managed tax preparation for thousands of clients and would love to offer our services to you. No matter how “messy” you envision your tax situation to be, we can help you plot a path to catching up and cleaning it up. This process of tax preparation will create a solid footing for you when it comes to your tax filings going forward. Please call us today at 407-382-6658 for a free initial consultation.